Thursday, 5 January 2017

Exfoliating Vanilla Latte Soap

This recipe is made using melt and pour soap base for those of you who wish not to use lye. Personally, I cannot stand waiting for 4 weeks or more to cure. And this is also a recipe for those who like their eyebrows. So if you're not ready for lye, that's perfectly fine, for now we'll keep our eyebrows.

Exfoliating Vanilla Latte Soap

Silicone loaf pan
Coffee Grounds 
450grams (16 ounces) white or goats milk melt and pour soap
Vanilla essence
Rubbing alcohol 

Spray loaf pan with rubbing alcohol.
In the loaf pan place coffee grounds evenly until 1cm thickness or to your preference.
Chop melt and pour soap into cubes or pieces and melt in microwave in 30 seconds bursts until melted.
Add vanilla essence to the soap until slightly tinted and scents your soap (or to your preference).
Pour enough soap to the loaf pan to just cover your coffee grounds.
Mix coffee grounds and soap together and even out again.
Carefully pour the rest of your soap into the loaf pan.
Spray LIGHTLY with rubbing alcohol.
Let to set in a cool dry place.
Cut to preferred sizes.

Coffee grounds will rise to the surface. This is OK!!! It will make an interesting and beautiful soap.

If your soap starts to set before you add to loaf pan remelt in microwave in 15 second bursts. You may need to add more vanilla essence if you do this.

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